West Nile disease

Description of virus that causes the disease.

  • West Nile Virus is a strain of encephalitis
  • when a mosquito feeds on a bird that is infected by the virus then bites a human

Viral Specificity:

  • it affects the human nervous system
  • affects warm blooded mammels
  • affects the brain can cause it to swell

Symptoms and progression of the disease:

  • symptoms happen after 2 to 8 days
  • can cause Headaches
  • can cause chills
  • can cause fever

Common Methods of Transmission:

  • this virus is transmission by being bit by a infected mosquito's
  • mosquito's get the virus by biting infected birds
  • this virus has killed 115 people in the USA
  • in mammels the virus does not spread as fast
  • pipelines are the main breading area for infected mosquito's

Treatment and Prevention (if any):

  • antiretroviral drug for HIV, has shown promise against West Nile
  • Geno Med, a U.S. biotech company, has found that blocking angiotensin II can treat the West Nile virus
  • elimination of mosquito breeding sites
  • destroying active breeding areas and encouraging personal use of mosquito repellents

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