Human Viral Disease Assignment

Your job is to research a specific human viral disease and record important information about it in point form. You also need to find a variety of images and graphics for some of the research headings. It is important to explore several resources, and to keep a record of the resources you access for your notes. In addition to the resource list on this wiki and your own independent internet searches, books on many of the viral diseases are available in Bateman's library.

To Create Your Wikipage:

Click New Page under the Actions Menu to the left. Name your page and tag it "virus." Your page should now appear in the page list under Block D to the left.

Do NOT just cut and paste information you find online or in books directly into your wikipage. Identify the important information you need and summarize it. You will need to use some technical terms, but most of what you include on your wikipage should be in your own words.

Where possible, use images, charts, diagrams, organizers, timelines or other graphics to clearly and concisely show important information. Most graphics will need a label or text box to explain their contents.

Varying the size, boldness, and colour of the text on your page can also help organize your material and make it visually interesting. Be sure to leave lots of white space on your page...too much text both confuses and discourages viewers.

Don't forget to be on the lookout for "cool" bits of historical or background information to put in your Miscellaneous section. Connections or "aha" moments you have while researching can also go here.

If you have a question about the wiki or can't figure out how to do something....ask the person to your right or left for help. We learn when we ask questions and try things out. Mr. Neilson and Mrs. Moody can also help with your research or setting up your wikipage.

Print off the instruction sheet below if you need the project sheet Mrs. Moody gave you in class