Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Description of virus that causes the disease.

(What type and size ? Include a diagram or virus micrograph if possible.)
  • The virus that causes shingles is called Herpes Zoster
  • This disease first causes chicken pocks then lyes dormant in your nerve roots and can be reactivated then causing shingles
  • It is a form of herpes
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Viral Specificity:

  • The virus sits dormant in your nerves

  • It causes rashes/blister on the surface of the skin
  • It usually occurs on one side of the body inb only one spot

Symptoms and progression of the disease:

  • At first you will experience a headache
  • You could possibly be sensitive to light
  • It is possible to experience flu like symptoms
  • When it progresses pain or tingling can occur in one area
  • A rash appears that will turn into a cluster of blisters that fill with fluid and crust over
  • After this the blisters will start to heal taking 2-4 weeks
  • Some people get very mild versions of this
  • The incubation period of this disease is 14-21 days
  • If the rash occurs on your face and spreads to your eyes it can scar your cornea effecting vision
  • Itching or redness of the skin can last for months or years (very uncommon)
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Common Methods of Transmission:

  • Shingles cannot be transmitted
  • To get shingles you first had to of had chicken pocks
  • Someone with shingles can only give someone chicken pocks
  • This can happen through direct contact or indirect contact (touching a door knob)
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Treatment and Prevention (if any):

  • The only prevention is to avoid others infected with chicken pocks or shingles
  • After chicken pocks has been contracted shingles cannot be prevented
  • To treat shingles anti-viral medicines can be used

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