German Measles ( Rubella )

====Description of virus that causes the disease.


-Respiratory disease caused by the Rubella virus
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-Pathogenic agent of the disease Rubella
- Caused by a Togavirus
- Virus is envoloped
- Single Strand of RNA ( 10,000 to 12,ooo nucleotides long)
- Virus has teratogenic properties ( causes abnormalaties of physological devolopment)

Viral Specificity:

- Affects Skin& lymph nodes

-Passes through pregnant women's blood stream & infect unborn child
- Virus is transmited through respiratory system and replicates in the nasopharynx.

Symptoms and progression of the disease:

external image Rubella.jpg- May begin with 1 -2 days of mild fever ( Temperature of 37.2 to 38.0 *C) -Swollen, tender lymph nodes

-Rash begins on face and spreads downward (first noticeable sign of illness)
-As it progresses, rash merges to form evenly coloured patches
-Rash lasts 3 days
-Rubella in pregnant women can cause Congenital Rubella Syndrome
-Unborn children are at extreme risk for birth deficiencies such as heart malformations,deafness,liver problems
-Incubation period is 14-23 days
-Takes 2-3 weeks to get Rubella after being exposed to someone with it

Older Children to adults:
- headaches
-loss of appetite
-mild conjunctivities( eyelids or eyes)
- stuffy and watery nose
-pain or swelling in the joints

Common Methods of Transmission

- Fine droplets of moisture from nose and mouth

-Coughing, sneezing, even talking and than another person inhaling these drops

Treatment and Prevention:

- Rubella Vaccine -Given to children 12-15 months

-Booster at 4-6 yrs of age
- Do not touch eyes or mouth


-once called rubella it was no longer that frightening
- 1971 mass vaccination of school girls and surragote mothers to prevent transmission of virus

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