Bacterial Resource List

The following sites may prove useful for your research. Please keep a record of which resources you take your information from. If you are having difficulty finding certain information about your pathogen, ask Mr. Neilson or Mrs. Moody for help searching.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Canada: Diseases and Conditions

Google Directory: Conditions and Diseases

World Health Organization

Diseases Database

Health Protection Agency

The Bad Bug Book

Public Health Image Library...useful images of various diseases

Medline Plus..viral infections page
See menu on right side of page

Additional Bacterial Disease Research Resources

ERAC Web Portal
Four databases available to SD34 students.
Try CPI.Q and the Student Resource Centre…note you can
search for particular media types, including books and magazines.
When accessing this site from outside of RBSS:
Password: student

Great starting point...links to other resources at bottom of most articles.
If accessing from outside school...
Password: pass34

Another technique to find scholarly info via search engines:
Type the keywords you want e.g. mumps vaccine…
followed by site:edu or filetype:pdf

Google Scholar
Find abstracts and full text of scholarly works on bacteria.

Try also…
Infomine…a scholarly internet resource collection

Bubl Link Catalogue of Internet Resources
Useful but many of the links are on the sheet you already have.